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The base is fitted with two pairs of non-contact proximity sensors for left-handed and right-handed operation.   

TRIDENT lamp sensors


The lamp is turned on and off using the buttons at the bottom of the screen.  


TRIDENT mobile app

The intensity of the LEDs is adjusted by holding your finger over the brightness sensor.

The position and brightness are remembered for next time the lamp is used.

The vertical slider controls the position of the arm.

The horizontal slider controls the LED brightness.

Quickly passing your finger over the on/off sensor activates the movement and turns the lamp on.  Holding your finger over the sensor moves the arm to the desired position.


TRIDENT can be operated manually by placing your fingers over the non-contact proximity sensors in the base or using the mobile app.


When Bluetooth connected, the the app moves synchronously with the lamp even when it is controlled manually using the proximity sensors to give real time feedback.